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Below the company purchases the product and the service:
1.Attracts models with PVC, PET, PS, PS flocking piece, a level of PVC sheet material, two level of PVC sheet material, PP sheet material, gypsum, blue rubber, Huang Jiao, artificial turpentine, rubber board, sandpaper, kraft paper adhesive tape

2.The package installs wiring seals the box adhesive tape which uses, knits the bandage, the hot contraction membrane, the high temperature adhesive tape

3.Mold manufacture service: Attracts models the hard knife mold which with the aluminum mold, the punch press uses and stirs up the high frequency type mold which the laser scalpel mold, high frequency machine uses

4.Printing processing service: Silk India series, tan oak type printing

5.Computer, work class consuming: The numerical code  uses the color ink, the numerical code paper, spurt draws the paper, the laser printer adds the powder and so on.